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OPDEX has extensive project experience in the design and integrity assurance of all types of risers, including SCRs, Flexible Risers, Hybrid Risers, TTR, Drilling Risers, and Umbilical.

Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs):
  • Design Projects:
  • Sizing of Riser Pipe, Flexjoint and Other Components;
  • Interference Analysis to Determine Riser Host Layout;
  • Extreme Response, VIV and Fatigue Analyses.
  • SCR Technology Projects:
  • Technology Gaps and Forward Plan for XHPHT SCR;
  • Technical Feasibility for Ultra-Deepwater Applications;
  • Selection of Vessels that are Feasible for SCRs;
  • Verification Experience:
  • Independent 3rd Party Analysis and Spec Review.
Hybrid Risers:
  • Independent Hybrid Riser Engineering:
  • Detailed Design Experience:
  • Sizing of Riser Components and Suction Piles;
  • Analysis to Confirm Technical Feasibility.
  • General Project Experience:
  • ITT Package Preparation Projects for Oil Companies;
  • ITT Package Preparation Projects for Oil Companies;
  • Studies of Hybrid Drilling Risers.
Flexible Risers:
  • Integrity Management Projects:
  • Risk-based Integrity Management.
Top Tensioned Risers:
  • Spar Riser Experience:
  • FEED Studies;
  • Detailed Design and Analysis;
  • 3rd Party Independent Analysis and Review.
  • TLP Riser Experience:
  • Detailed Design and Analyses;
  • 3rd Party Independent Analysis and Review.
Drilling Risers:
  • Rig Excursion:
  • Operability & Drift-off.
  • Recoil Analysis:
  • Hang-off & Running Retrieval:
  • Comprehensive VIV Fatigue Analysis:
  • Currents & VIV Integrity Assurance Systems:


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